Night of Lucid Dreaming

The 11th day of Mid-Field

Akara, C. M. Hammer, and Robert Aphette are hired on as caravan guards while in Marienburg. The caravan belongs to a dark elf merchant Illivarra Vandree and her guard captain, Felix Divoff, explains that while they traveled north from Arnheim, they were attacked by vampires and lost several guards. The caravan is being led west by a nahua guide named Heart of the Earth and their destination is the trade hub village of Trier.

The 12th day of Mid-Field

In the early morning of the caravan’s second day of travel, they are assaulted by a small raiding party of eladrin. Although they do not know it at the time, the eladrin belong to the Court of the Autumn Harvest. The party fights off the party with little resistance, slaying two the eladrin and forcing the other two to flee.

Heart of the Earth explains that raids from eladrin are a fact of life in Aztlanara and the caravan continues its journey west.

The 16th day of Mid-Field

Arriving in Trier in the late afternoon, the party is shocked to find not a trade hub but a dying village. Half of the buildings are boarded up and abandoned and people are scarce. The party finishes escorting the caravan to their waiting ship at the docks and collects their payment. With night quickly approaching, they head to the only remaining open inn, The Fortunate Sailor. They meet the young proprietor, Fox, and arrange for rooms and meals before retiring to a table near the back of the tavern and sit down for a meal. They receive simple meals and watered down liquor, while Heart of the Earth is content to feed off her own rations.

Shortly into their meal, a loud and brutish group of three men enter the tavern and the other patrons grow visibly tense and uncomfortable. The three men wear chainmail and long red cloaks and carry long spears on their backs. They rudely order liquor from Fox, receiving product clearly better than the that the party is drinking, and head towards a private booth, their leader bumping into Hammer on the way.

Hammer accepts that it could have been an accident and doesn’t pursue the incident and the three loud men continue their drunken, boisterous behavior while the party keeps to themselves. Finally, the three men get up to leave and their leader “accidentally” elbows Hammer in the back of the head.



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