Fauron Elst

The corrupt burgomeister of Trier


The greedy and corrupt burgomeister of Trier, Fauron lives his life as comfortable as possible and cares little for those that fall behind. Although officially the burgomeister, he is also a warlock of some power and a capable alchemist making him the perfect fit to oversee the lucid operations.

Although quiet handsome and devilishly charming, the villagers of Trier are more frightened than fascinated by him. He is extremely healthy and agile, wiser than most and a gifted liar and diplomat. He is also aware of everything that happens in Trier and controls the village with a ruthless, iron grip.

When dealing with others, Fauron speaks slowly, making sure to enunciate each word clearly as though he were speaking to someone less intelligent and he tends to stare intensely and unnervingly at people, taking pleasure in their discomfort and allowing him to always keep the social upper hand.

After being forced to flee Trier, Hammer, Akara, Robert and Heart of the Earth eventually tracked him back to the lucid factory where they slew his guards and a werewolf ally of his, Vullen. Fauron begged for his life, wishing only to leave the new world and take care of Fox and, at Fox’s behest, the party allowed him to live.

That night, Heart of the Earth murdered Fauron Elst, strangling him to death while the party slept. When confronted, she explained that he had murdered her brother and she could not allow the monster to live.

Fauron Elst

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