The fox-masked proprietor of The Fortunate Sailor


At 16, Fox is a little over her head as the owner and sole employee of The Fortunate Sailor. She is responsible for all of the meal preparation, attending to traveler’s needs, renting rooms, cleaning rooms and basically keeping the inn running. It’s a small blessing that legitimate business in the tavern is rarely what people are after.

Fox earned her name from the fox mask she is always wearing.

Fox is a quiet, polite young woman but she has been hardened by Trier and she always carries a large carving knife tucked visibly into her belt and, after a violent incident several months ago, even the drunks are hesitant to start trouble with her. She tries to put on her most optimistic and cheerful face when dealing with travelers but her sorrow is apparent and she maintains hope that someone will come along and rescue Trier.

Due to her job, there is little Fox doesn’t know about Trier. She is aware of the drug, the effects it has on people, who deals , who’s an addict, and who is in Fane’s pocket. She knows Harrigan to see him and that he’s involved somehow but doesn’t know his name. Likewise, although she knows what lucid does, she is unaware of where it is made or what the “secret ingredient” is.



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