These colonies represent the only things completely familiar in this new land, for better and worse, although it seems we are not the only established nations to take an interest. We were recently approached by an envoy of deva diplomats, protected by a bodyguard of minotaurs.

They claim they are from a vast and powerful theocracy from the far south, which they call Ah’Khem-Sun. Their culture embraces a caste system, with the minotaurs making up the worker and warrior castes, while the devas make up the ruling religious caste. They seemed bothered by the cold so I suspect they come from a far warmer climate but I’m not sure exactly far south their nation exists nor do I know the extent of their reach or the nature of their motivation. Although the envoy was cordial and came bearing gifts, I still have a lingering feeling that they were taking measure and I am not arrogant enough to make assumptions about how we weighed in.

From the journal of Governor Taysha Basaraba

Early Field, 1492


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