This land is vast and untamed. It is wild, savage and primal. But it is also rich: in resources, in hidden treasures, in possibility. The Lord-Marshall has placed great emphasis on exploring, mapping and claiming these lands, in the name of our glorious nation of Marikovra and we seek to do just this. We have only arrived on these shores within the past year but already, we have established a strong colony, capable of caring for its own and defending itself. The timing on this has been most fortuitous as it would seem that not only have our rivals staked claims on this land but the indigenous have become keenly aware of our presence.

We have explored several miles inland in all directions and found no evidence of civilization or settlements beyond the colonies to our North and South. That is not to say they are not there, just that we have not found them. A few short weeks ago, one of squads of scouts made contact with natives and a meeting was arranged with one of our ambassadors. We have gathered some information about them which I will go into.

From the journal of Governor Taysha Basaraba

Early Field, 1492


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