Bael Turath

Speaking of the other colonies, I should address them and make clear exactly who else has discovered this land. Perhaps the greatest threat to our stake is the Empire of Arkhosia. Militaristic and ruthless, they claim dominion over all they lay their eyes upon and it was only through countless wars we were ever able to force them from our borders and forge an uneasy truce.

A predominantly dragonborn society, they are proud warriors and uphold the virtues of strength, honor and loyalty. At least amongst themselves. They are troublesome due to their martial strength but an equal display of strength can hold them at bay. What is more troubling is the small, noble caste of tieflings that has been part of their national culture for centuries. Ever the puppet-masters and schemers, I hold it as truth that they are behind the Bael Turath colony, making sure no nation can gain any advantage in their eternal games and machinations.

From the journal of Governor Taysha Basaraba

Early Field, 1492

Bael Turath

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