The Iron Holds

Thankfully, we are not alone standing against the might of the Arkhosian Empire. In the mountains north of us, the dwarves and gnomes of the Kingdom of Karan Ankor have established their own colony and begun to excavate and mine at pace in order to build one of the massive underground cities they are famed for. They have brought many of their warforged workers with them and I suspect it won’t be long before the halls are habituated.

Long time allies of Marikorva, it was pleasing to see their great steamships arrive on the Northern shores. I believe the Lord-Marshall extended our full support to them but they are a stubborn and proud people so it was likely declined graciously. The Iron Holds are certainly established enough to defend themselves (although we have a standing offer of support extended to them) and already, shipments of their firearms have begun to arrive in Marienburg and I suspect trade shall continue with them here as it does back home.

From the journal of Governor Taysha Basaraba

Early Field, 1492

The Iron Holds

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