The Nahua

These natives call themselves the Nahua and are clearly human. Much to our surprise, they speak a broken form of the common tongue, although thickly accented. They claim to speak with spirits and their ancestors and draw knowledge and power from them, including the ability to imbue mystical powers into the paints and pigments they cover themselves with. They cloth themselves sparsely, making sure to leave their tattoos and body paintings exposed, yet the cold weather does not seem to affect them.

They have told us that theirs is but a small tribe and the vast majority of their kind lives in the southlands. They are very knowledgeable of the land and its myriad flora and fauna but are hesitant and distrustful of us. So far, there has been some trading and communication but they never stay long and it has proven nigh impossible to track them. We will see how relationships develop with them for they could be potent allies, especially against the other colonies.

From the journal of Governor Taysha Basaraba

Early Field, 1492

The Nahua

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