A village on the shores of Lake Isara, Trier is a trade hub for colonial villages and indigenous settlements along the rivers flowing into and out of the lake. The village itself is used for loading and unloading ships but doesn’t see much of the goods going through, unless the traders and merchants decide to stop and set up shop for a few hours. For the most part, people only stay in Trier as long as it takes to load or unload their vessel.

The lake, named for the crown princess of Marikovra, has an inflowing river in the north called the Upper Isar and an outflowing river, the Lower Isar, in the south. Trier lies on its east bank.

Trier had recently fallen into some trouble as Elst and his man had gotten many of the villagers addicted to lucid. Aside from the petty theft and occasional assault from addicts needing money for their fixes, the number of violent incidents have been on the rise. At least half the shops in the town have closed and the buildings have been boarded up or simply abandoned. Only one tavern remains open, ironically named The Fortunate Sailor.

After the death of Fauron Elst, the village was then sieged by the Court of Autumn Harvest and has been left further devastated. The siege continues and the village may not exist much longer…

Population: 250; up until recently 350, formerly over 500.

Government: Trier was ruled by burgomeister Fauron Elst. Although he had corrupted and perverted the village, he had a good head for bureaucracy and despite his side business, he kept the ports and trade running smoothly. With his death, it is unclear who will take over running Trier.

Defense: Elst had a large “city guard”, known as Red Cloaks, that amounted to little more than paid thugs. They did however keep the Court of Autumn Harvest at bay through their presence alone. With most of the Red Cloaks dead or gone, the Court has come calling.

Commerce: Most necessary services are available but hours and prices are erratic. The best way to get equipment is to try and catch a merchant on the way through or, barring that, ask for Fox’s help.

Organizations: There is a shrine to Erathis next to The Fortunate Sailor and a shrine to Melora at the docks.


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